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Michael's narration of Gray Barker's classic account of paranormal investigation Men in Black: The Secret Terror Among Us  is now available on Audible.com!

The Silver Bridge

By Gray Barker, author of Men In Black.

The Silver Bridge was the first book ever written on the mysterious Mothman creature, and still one of the best. Barker was the first researcher on the scene of both the Flatwoods Monster and Mothman cases. Known for his eloquent writing style, Barker became nationally famous for his seminal book They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers, which set the standard for reportage of the infamous Men In Black. In The Silver Bridge, Barker explores the murky psychological depths of life in West Virginia during the Mothman era of the late 1960s. 

Flying Saucer to the Center of Your Mind

John A. Keel,author of The Mothman Prophesies, and one of the most dogged and influential paranormal investigators of the 20th Century, published countless articles in magazines which no longer exist. Editor/author/researcher Andy Colvin has collected the best of the best of these into an amazing book, which I have had the pleasure and honor to narrate. Keel was a genius. He lays out his case methodically; using the Socratic method. He allows you to discover, just as he did, the Truth behind most* of the flying saucer phenomena; and once you realize what it is, you will tremble at the implications. This is one hell of a great book; brilliantly edited in order to guide you to discover the answer to the mystery for yourself. 

*(some flying saucers are nuts & bolts craft)

Adrian's War, A Distant Eden vol. 2

By Lloyd Tackett

"Three years after a solar storm wiped out the power grid Adrian Hunter embarks on a journey to the mountains, determined to live and survive by utilizing his knowledge of stone age techniques. He encounters a band of raiders who attempt to take him prisoner - and Adrian's War begins."

The Gift

By Donna Dalton
Narrated by Lyn Madden

Ex-bank robber Lyle Haggard has come to Louisville to do some shopping for Christmas. What he finds is a gift more precious than gold.

Dead Dog​​ 

By Nickolas Cook

It's the late 70s and Max and Little Billy are back from Vietnam trying to mind their own business when they stumble onto the murder of a local boy. With organized crime and murderous thugs on their trail, it's up to these two local heroes to solve the crime.

A Distant Eden: vol. 1

By Lloyd Tackett

December 2012, a massive solar storm knocks out the power grid. Three hundred million Americans are suddenly faced with a survival situation. They have no water, electricity or fuel. Food rapidly disappears from the store shelves, not to be replaced. Only three percent will survive. Those three percent will have much in common. What does it take to be one of them?

The Game  by Edward Owen, is available on Audible.com and iTunes.  The greatest poker players in the world are forced to play for the highest stakes in their lives.


Michael narrates audiobooks under his own name and under the name Lyn Madden.  Available on Audible.com, Amazon.com and iTunes

Eden's Hammer, A Distant Eden vol. 3

​​By Lloyd Tackitt,  author of A Distant Eden.  

Volume three of the highly acclaimed and popular Distant Eden series. It's three years after the electrical grid was obliterated by a huge coronal mass ejection.  Adrian Hunter has to go mano a mano with a psychopathic Black Beret, as well trained as himself.